About Us

Our Mission

The mission of MJW Medical Solutions is to provide the healthcare industry with premier health care products, equipment, and contract services. We accomplish this by providing both small and large medical facilities with reliable products, attractive pricing, comprehensive technical data, and a solid e-business procurement solution, in support of reducing costs and improving ordering systems.

Our Values

Leadership. We hold ourselves to an extraordinarily level of accountability and performance.

Integrity. Our values and beliefs are deployed throughout our daily operations and we are constantly measuring behavior characteristics of integrity. Therefore, we can assure our customers that integrity is being demonstrated at every level of our organization.

Commitment. We are committed to customer satisfaction and focus on implementing the best possible solutions for our customers.


Our integration of material managers and the flexibility to service any size of medical facility makes us unique by:

• Changing existing product procurement and replenishment processes by identifying weaknesses and future threats in the current distribution model for customers and providing material manager expertise to help manage customers’ operations results in a cost effective solution.

• Develop the best possible solutions in the market by combining both technological and personal touch to an organization’s existing supply chain processes and placing highly skilled personnel into an organization to advance the supply chain process.

• Recognize and offer the latest clinically and technically evaluated products for standardization. This results in critical cost avoidance, ensures best products, and guarantees best value.

By making a commitment to be flexible, dependable and customer-centric, our collaboration ensures unparallel services that our valued customers deserve and have grown to expect.