Returns Policy


All returns must be authorized by your MJW Medical Solutions Sales or Customer Service Representative, who will advise you of the proper mode
of transportation for the shipment. Authorization will be valid for only thirty days.

Return Procedure

Each return must include the following information:
1. Purchasers name and address.
2. Invoice number.
3. Invoice date.
4. Purchasers purchase order number.
5. Quantity, catalog number and description of item.
6. Reason for return.

Return Policy

MJW Medical Solutions will authorize the return of all products in salable condition with the following exceptions:

Products not purchased from MJW Medical Solutions.

Products purchased more than 3 months prior to the return request.
Products that are regulated, hazardous chemicals or reagents.
Instruments that have been used to analyze human body tissue.
Sterile individuals of low unit of measure product.
Special or custom products made to customer specifications.
Products returned in defaced or other than original packaging.
Drug products that are shipped outside the United States (re-import prohibited).
Refrigerated, frozen or temperature controlled products with the exception that Cool Room coded product (“C coded) can be accepted back from customers and returned to stock only if ALL four circumstances noted below apply to the return:

1. The product is returned within a 5 day transit time window.
2. The external outdoor air temperature is less than 86 degrees Fahrenheit (86 dgr F).
3. The only acceptable reason for the return is a picking or ordering error. All return items not locally stocked will be subject to locally determined supplier restocking fee. All returns not due to MJW Medical Solutions error will be subject to a minimum of 25% restocking fee.

In the event that an unauthorized return is accepted, there will be a minimum of 25% restocking fee.