Customized Internal Supply Management

MJW Medical Solutions is pleased to offer Customized Internal Supply Management (CISM) to its customers. We will simplify your processes for increased efficiency through automation, data and technology integration.

This valuable management product places a highly skilled account manager in your organization to decrease ordering expenditures and increase efficiency. Likewise, the accuracy of your current medical supply procurement and replenishing systems will be advanced with a personal touch by innovative, uniquely trained account managers.

CISM offers:

A Specialized Trained Account Manager for Medical Facilities

Our account managers receive specialized training in material and account management in order to provide optimal service to MJW Medical Solutions’ customers. Depending on the need of the facility or practice, its management will have the discretion to choose the best combination of services offered by MJW Medical Solutions.

A Low Cost Expert Buying Account Manager

MJW Medical Solutions account managers will ease the load of a full-time ordering manager in larger facilities and will become the buying expert for smaller facilities. This is a very cost effective solution because MJW Medical Solutions’ account managers will be contracted thereby receiving a fraction of the pay that full-time material managers and buyers would receive while delivering superior service and expertise.

Product Standardization

MJW Medical Solutions promotes product standardizations in order to effectively support a cost effective solution for your organization. We will help you reach the highest levels of standardization by developing a common formulary of products.

CISM will identify weaknesses and future threats of facilities’ ordering and replenishing processes and make the necessary changes. Moreover, MJW account managers will personally inform customers on industry trends and find/offer a quality third party solution to its customers.

MJW Medical Solutions looks forward to providing tremendous value to your organization.  Please email us at: